Although we were forced by circumstances to cancel our Annual General Meeting in 2020, we've decided to go ahead with this year's meeting by holding the AGM online.

It's the occasion when we get together to reflect on the past year's achievements, plan for the future, elect a new committee, and generally have a bit of a laugh! This year, we're meeting on Monday 12 April at 7.30 p.m. via the Zoom meeting app.

As always, this is your chance to ask questions, make suggestions and express opinions, as well as to vote in the new committee. (Remember that you're only eligible to vote if you're a paid-up member - click here for details!) Our current committee have all indicated their willingness to stand again, but we could also, like all voluntary groups, do with some fresh faces on the committee and would encourage you all to at least think about putting yourselves forward - the committee generally meets once a month and we take it in turns to host the meetings, which currently begin at 8.00 and - if we don't spend too much time gossiping - end at around 9.00.

Most of the actual work of the committee gets done by the officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) but we do rely on the "ordinary" members for their insight and their opinions on what we're doing, what we plan to do, and even what we should be doing instead! If you can spare an hour or so every month or so, do please let us know you're interested.

As the AGM this year will be online, we do need your e-mail address, please, if you'd like to attend, so that we can send you the relevant link and password. Contact [email protected] any time within the next few weeks to ensure your place!