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Six Dead Queens... and an Inflatable Henry!

 For this year's Royston Arts Festival,we're planning a special double bill of one-act plays! One will be our current production, Strangers on a Film by Stephen Wyatt, which we'll have entered into several local drama festivals and which we're keen to perform to a local audience; the other is the bizarrely titled Six Dead Queens... and an Inflatable Henry, which was originally devised by Foursight Theatre, formerly based in Wolverhampton.

Six Dead Queens is a tale of three Catherines, two Annes and one Jane – the ill-fated wives of Henry VIII - reunited for a sort of girly sleepover. It's boisterous, farcical, slightly bawdy and immensely entertaining and weaves together history, comedy, satire, slapstick and song in truly surreal fashion. David Atkins is directing the play, and we hope to begin work on the show in April, with a play reading as one of our evening meetings on Thursday 23 April and auditions on the following Thursday, 30 April both at KIng James Academy, Senior Ste (Drama Studio) from 7.00 to 9.00. However, these dates may be subject to the recommended restrictions on public gatherings during the cirrent pandemic, so do please check the website regularly for further information, or sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page for all the latest details.

It doesn't quite go without saying, but there are only six parts involved, all female! (There could be some flexibility about ages...)

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