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Royston Town Pantomime 2019

 Alison Bass and Louise Atkins will once again be taking up the reins for the Royston Town Pantomime 2019  and the show this time is Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates by Tom Whalley. Performance dates are Friday 18 and Saturday 19 January and Friday 25 and Saturday 26 January (evening performances at 7.30 on all dates, additional Saturday matinees at 2.00) and the show takes place at Meridian School, Garden Walk, Royston. Tickets are £10 (full price) and £7 (concessions) and can be obtained by visiting our online booking service or by phoning the CADS Box Office on 07925 674967

Young Robinson Crusoe has always had an appetite for adventure! Living with his old mother Dame Crystal Crusoe, his washed up father, Captain Crusoe and his silly billy brother Sprat, Robinson has no desire to take over the family fish ‘n' chip shop. Meanwhile, the high seas are terrorised by the Evil Captain Blacktashe. With the help of his trusty sidekick Winkle (back of the queue when brains were handed out) he is searching for the lost temple of treasure on Skull Island but the map where X marks the spot has been lost for years… Will Robinson ever find his treasure? Will Dame Crusoe end up battered? And what is that mysterious writing on the back of the chip shop menu?

The full cast looks like this (as is customary, those names not underlined below are appearing with CADS for the first time).

Captain Blacktashe - Ben Paton

Winkle - Barbara Perry

Calypso - Sarah Temple

Dame Crystal Crusoe - Martin Maynard

Polly Perkins - Alice Atkins

Peter Perkins - Mark Humphrey

Captain Crusoe - David Atkins

Sprat Crusoe - Nicky Paton

Robinson Crusoe - Connie Boulis

Girl Friday - Angela Sassoli

And there'll be the usual assortment of townsfolk including the butcher, baker, candlestick maker, town crier and so on... the complete ensemble consists of Rebecca Aloneftis, Jo Buggey, Abi Daniels, Emily Harman, Milly Jordan, Zoe Reader, Joe Symonds, Hannah Barnes, Holly Clifton, Sam Durrant, Ollie Dwyer, Oliver Eather, Amadeus Hall, Poppy Norris, Jack Taylor and Jessica Woods!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to get involved backstage or can help with costumes,  make-up or whatever, or if you have any queries about the show in general, please do contact us and register your interest!



If you are involved in a CADS production that also involves children (defined as anyone under the age of 18), it is important that you read - and confirm to us that you have read - our Child Protection Policy document and the set of procedures that accompany it. The policy is summarised here and that page also includes a link to the full procedural document - please take time to read both and then click on the link on that page to show that you have done so. Thank you.


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