About CADS

"Royston has something very special in CADS. It is a space which allows people from all walks of life, with varying experience and capabilities, to unite to be creative and expressive without fear of judgement or exclusion. It encourages talent and individuality and tirelessly aims to provide access to the arts within our community. All this is done by the extraordinary and unfaltering passion, dedication and love of its volunteers, and I am proud and humbled to be a part of its family."

Nicky Paton, Manager, Royston Cave


Corvus* Amateur Drama Society (CADS) is Royston’s amateur drama group, performing since the 1940s. Membership is open to anyone from eighteen years of age upwards, though we also perform a family pantomime that embraces younger age groups. The group performs regularly, chiefly at the King James Academy, Senior Site (formerly Meridian School), Garden Walk, Royston. We also run a series of more-or-less regular meetings unconnected with any particular production, as well as occasional FREE workshops on all aspects of drama.


* Why "Corvus"? Click here to find out

CADS aims to enter different drama festivals on a regular basis and has entered the Haverhill, Welwyn, Sawston or Cambridge Drama Festivals with one-act plays most years since 2004. In three of the last six times it has entered the Cambridge Festival, CADS has won the Audience Appreciation award; in 2007 and 2011 the group also won the overall best play award, in 2006, 2007 and 2013 members of the group won the Best Cameo award, in 2011 Jordan Worland won the award for Best Actor, with Bernie Parsons being nominated for Best Actress, and in 2013 Tamsin Cowley won Best Technical award. In 2021 the CADS production came second over all and Martin Maynard took home the Best Performance award, with both he and Michael Young being nominated for Best Supporting Performance. At the 2021 Welwyn Festival, Kathy Young won a performance award, with Michael Young also being nominated. Michael also won a director's award at the same festival and the group picked up an Adjudicator's Special Award for one particular scene from their play. We came third out of a strong field at the 2023 Welwyn Festival, and over the years, we have also picked up awards for sound and technical presentation, with members of CADS being frequently nominated in many other categories at most of these festivals. For a full list, click here.

CADS also makes its own local drama awards each year - click here for details.


Joining CADS

If you're interested in joining CADS then please get in touch - we welcome everyone aged 18 and up from experienced techies to budding actors, and we're always happy to have new members  - the only requirement is enthusiasm!

Paid membership of CADS costs £15 a year and provides the following benefits:

  • Regular newsletters with details of what’s on
  • FREE ticket for each of our productions
  • Full public and personal liability insurance when working on group productions
  • Opportunity to take part in a wide variety of theatrical productions including drama, music, pantomime
  • Opportunity to learn all about stage craft: stage management, staging, lighting and sound, props, costume, make-up
  • Opportunity for people with interests as diverse as costume design, carpentry, make-up and stage electrics
  • Involvement with the local community
  • Social events and activities

Committee - Officers

President:  Emma Daintrey

Chair: [vacant]

Secretary:  [vacant]

Vice-Chair:  [vacant]

Treasurer:  Rupert Jordan - 01763 837288

Committee - Members

Julia Cole

Brenda Cottis

Emma Daintrey

Joe Daintrey

Darren Dunford

Paul Durrant

Michelle Marks

Zoe Nesteriuc


To contact any member of the committee, please use our Contact Us page.