Photo archive

Here's a selection of older photographs that people have donated to the group over the years. Some of them are press photographs, some shots taken (presumably) by cast or crew members, but all demonstrate that highly stylised compostion that photographs of amateur drama groups seem to exemplify, no matter where they're from or when they were taken! Those for which we have the name of the show and/or a date are grouped accordingly, but some are at present a complete mystery... perhaps you know some of the people pictured, or can at least identify the play. If so, we'd love to hear from you - you can e-mail us via our Contact page.
A. Shows with known titles and dates (in chronological order)
1968: Ali Baba
1969: Jack and the Beanstalk
1969: The Lovebirds
1970: This Happy Breed, by Noel Coward
1971: Puss in Boots
1971: Separate Tables, by Terence Rattigan
1972: Arms and the Man, by George Bernard Shaw
1973: Mother Goose
1973: When We Are Married, by J B Priestley
1974: Breath of Spring
1978: Sleeping Beauty
1979: Cinderella
 B. Shows with known dates (in chronological order)
C. Unknown shows (in random order)