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by Roy Maddox 
Yay! Our entry to the 2021 Welwyn Drama Festival, a brand new one-act play written by local author Roy Maddox and designed specifically to be filmed via Zoom, won no fewer than three awards
Called Seven Movies, the play revolves around a group of neighbours who decide to form a film club, partly to broaden their horizons and partly to give them a chance to get to know each other better. Each month one of them chooses a movie and everyone watches it at home before they all get together online to discuss it. As the series of monthly meetings progresses, however, they (and we) learn a lot more about each of their neighbours than about their film choices, sometimes more than anyone really needed to know.
Adjudicator Walker Ewart OBE awarded a performance prize to Kathy Young, a director's prize to Michael Young (as well as commending him on his performance), and a special Adjudicator's Award for one particular scene.
The cast of the CADS play looked like this (as is customary, those names not shown in white were appearing with CADS for the first time):
Barbara - Alison Bass
James - Michael Young
Rose - Wendy Watts
Sarah - Geraldine Hindley
Brian - Martin Maynard
Margaret - Kathy Young
Dorothy - Pauline Rowe
Barry - Sam Herbert
Huge thanks to all of you who watched the show! For those who didn't and who would like to catch it, it has now been posted to YouTube at 



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