Current CADS production

Radio days!

We're currently preparing for our next three radio plays for Royston Radio! (The first was a version of our award-winning play Strangers on a Film, which was broadcast last August.)

One is by an old friend of the group - local writer, actor and director Nick Warburton (who also wrote our one-act contribution to this year's Royston Arts Festival, Don't Blame It On the Boots) - and it's entitled Losing the Plot. Amanda is very keen on her allotment and thinks everyone should feel the same. So when Edward appears on the scene she encourages him to apply for the plot next to her own. But Edward has his own rather idiosyncratic ideas about what to do on an allotment which don't go down well with the other plot holders...

The characters and actors are as follows: 

We hope to record the play some time during April and it will then need to be edited before submission to the radio station. 
We're also working on a recording of The Hitchhiker by Lucille Fletcher, which was first broadcast in 1941 on the Orson Welles Show on CBS. It's a spooky tale about a man driving across the United States, who keeps seeing the same mysterious hitchhiker wherever he goes and becomes obsessive about him to the point of near insanity. CADS has performed the play twice before - once in 2000 at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge as part of a late-night double bill, and once in 2004 at the Haverhill Drama Festival.
The cast for this one is as follows:

Again, it's hoped to record this some time during March and/or April (we still have all the sound effects and incidental music from the 2004 production!) and then edit it for submission to the radio station some time afterwards.

And we recently held a read-through for a fourth radio drama - the one-act thriller Sorry, Wrong Number, also by Lucille Fletcher - which formed the other half of the double bill at the ADC in 2000. At present we have no director lined up for this one so, if you fancy your chances at directing a short radio play, we'd love to hear from you - please e-mail [email protected] if you'd like to know more...

There are a number of roles in the piece, some of which may well end up being doubled up as with The Hitchhiker and, like that play, it's set in the States. The roles are:

  • Mrs Stevenson - elderly, neurotic
  • Telephone Operators (6 separate roles including Chief Operator Miss Curtis)
  • 1st Man - heavy-set criminal
  • 2nd Man - also criminal, possibly with foreign accent
  • Information
  • Hospital Receptionist - middle-aged, practical
  • Western Union Employee
  • Sergeant Duffy - experienced police officer
  • Lunch Room Attendant - young, could be either male or female
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