The venue needs to be fully functioning in terms of power, accessibility, storage and rigging; provide backstage and dressing room space; be available in January 2025; have adequate parking nearby; be large enough to accommodate a sizeable cast, band and crew. 

The Town Hall is currently unsuitable in its present format. It does not have a working performance space. There is no power or rigging bars for lights, stage curtains or suitable onsite storage. However, CADS Committee is in discussion with local councillors to see if we can find solutions to these issues.

The Diamond Learning Partnership Trust has recently placed several new obstacles in the way of CADS hiring the venue for performances, including (but not limited to) legal liabilities. The Trust has required CADS to provide certification of some of the venue's infrastructure, for which CADS isn't responsible.  

CADS has suggested solutions to some of the obstacles. This matter is still under discussion.

CADS have requested this but have been told that there is no alternative space on the site.

CADS is a not-for-profit, community group run by volunteers and does not have a regular income to pay rent for commercial storage.

CADS will have to come up with a solution and audiences must recognise that the pantomime may have to take a new, imaginative form.

If the terms of use and hire fees payable are similar to previous years and the obstacles mentioned here are dealt with then yes, the pantomime may be able to take place.

Yes, we have approached several other schools and are waiting for a response.

If this is the only solution for CADS we sincerely hope so.