Shows: Jack and the Beanstalk (2020)

Jack and the Beanstalkjack

Tom Whalley

January 2020


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Dramatis personae

Dame Trott - David Atkins

Mother Nature - Alison Bass

Jack Trott - Izzy Bass

Princess Jill - Abi Daniels

Fleshcreep - Ben Paton

Simple Simon - Nicky Paton

King Edward - Barbara Perry

Hen - Angela Sassoli

Voice of Blunderbore - Matthew Harrison


Ensemble: Jo Buggey, Hannah BarnesHolly Clifton, Sam DurrantHolly Dwyer, Oliver Eather, Luke Francis, Amadeus Hall, Katie Hall, Sophie Paterson, Freya Tansley, Jess Woods


Director - Nicky Paton

Musical Director - Louise Atkins

Technical Director - Joe Daintrey

Producers - Emma Daintrey & Pauline Rowe

Design - Nicky Paton

Stage Manager - Phil Rowe

Deputy Stage Manager - Jill Buggey

Lighting  and Sound Design - Joe Daintrey

Costumes - Ruth Brown, Paula McQueenEmma Shaw, Cate Hall, Katherine Barnes

Make-up - Sue Baker, Kathy Young, Lorely Hall, Ellie Simons

Stage and Technical Crew - Jake Brightman, Paul Durrant, Matt Hall, Liam Harris, Julian Nesteriuc, Isaac Pickett, Gary Smith, Joshua Smith

Props - Tracy Reader



Jack and the Beanstalk was the 2020 Royston Town Pantomime, directed by, designed by and starring CADS member Nicky Paton in his directorial debut and performed at KIng James Academy to over 1,300 audience members across 6 performances.


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