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September 2016 News Extra

(September 27, 2016)


  • Pantomime Auditions
  • Next committee meeting

Pantomime auditions

Following hot on the heels of the smash hit that was Abigail's Party, we plunge headlong into preparations for our next show, the 2017 Royston Town Pantomime! This time round we've chosen to present Red Riding Hood by Peter Long and Keith Rawnsley.

Red Riding Hood wants to be with Peter the Woodcutter but horrid Squire Bullymore won’t let her leave the Orphanage.  Cue Granny Knott who comes along and adopts Red Riding Hood, which means a happy ending for them all...  Oh no, it doesn’t!  Well, not without a  few twists and turns along the way and of course the BIG BAD WOLF!

Our director for 2017 is Kathy Young and our musical director the seemingly indefatigable Louise Atkins. The show has eleven main roles:

                    Red Riding Hood (principal girl)
                    Peter the Woodcutter (principal boy)
                    Granny Knott (dame)
                    Patches and Pinny (loveable comic characters)
                    Squire Bullymore (villain but also figure of fun)
                    Miss Took (orphanage games mistress)
                    Reddy and Willin ("broker's men" comedy characters)
                    Fairy of the Forest (er... a fairy!)
                    Wicked Wolf (evil villain)

plus there are a few small cameo parts with a couple of lines each.

Auditions will take place on Thursday 6 October in the Drama Studio at Meridian School, Garden Walk, Royston. Auditions for junior chorus  (who must be 12 years old or over) are from 7 to 7.30 p.m. and those for adult principal parts (who must be 16 or over) are at 7.45 p.m. 

For more information on the show, please e-mail Kathy Young or ring 01763 223805. To enquire about joining CADS, please use the contact page on our website or get in touch with one of the committee.

When arriving at Meridian, please enter via the side door by the gym and follow the CADS signs to the drama studio.

Next committee meeting
The next CADS committee meeting will take place on October 12th. Please e-mail the CADS Secretary by October 11th if you'd like anything raised.


  • 6th October:  Pantomime auditions
  • 12th October:  Next committee meeting

Next newsletter
To put information in the next newsletter, or if you would like something discussed at the next CADS committee meeting, please contact [email protected] or call Ian Cowley on 01763 244927.  Don’t forget, if you need to contact the group you can communicate via the CADS website at, or the Facebook group at, or tweet us @CADSROYSTON
Committee Members (current)
Peter Worthy (President), Ian Cowley (Chair) 01763 244927, Wendy Watts (Vice-Chair) 01763 245820, Rupert Jordan (Treasurer & Membership Secretary) 01763 262 885, Donika Jordan (Secretary) 01763 262885, Emma Shaw, Jill Buggey, Paula Davies

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