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November 2015 Newsletter

(November 15, 2015)


  • CADS Christmas meal
  • Aladdin tickets
  • Gathering for Aladdin technical crew
  • Next set-building weekend
  • Next Play-reading group
  • Minutes


Christmas meal The deadline to email [email protected] for the CADS Christmas meal is 28th November.  You'll need to include your food choices (click here for a copy of the menu).  We have to pay a £5 deposit per person (so if you cancel after 28th Nov, you'll need to reimburse the Treasurer).  The meal will be on Saturday 5th December at 7.30pm in The Bull.  Hope you can come for a relaxed & fun evening!
Aladdin tickets Our pantomime Box Office opens tomorrow (Monday)!  Details will appear on our website during the day.
Gathering for Aladdin technical crew Calling all Aladdin technicians & crew - save the date: Tuesday 8th December, 8.30pm. You're invited to a get-together at Joe & Emma Daintrey's. Hope you can make it - for directions please email Emma: [email protected].
Next Set-building weekend We'd love as much help as possible on the weekend of 11-13 December.  As well as builders & painters, if anyone feels they could offer a crèche service for a few hours to enable other adults to help with the set, please talk to a committee member!
Next Play-reading group The next meeting is on Wednesday 16th December, at the Heath Club in Royston - and for some extra fun, it will be slightly different from the usual session, including an element of competition...
Minutes Minutes of the latest CADS committee meeting are available in the CADS website’s Backstage section.  

  • Saturday 28th November: Deadline to RSVP for Christmas meal
  • Saturday 5th December: CADS Christmas meal (at The Bull)
  • Tuesday 8th December: Get-together for technical crew
  • 11th-13th December: Set-building
  • Wednesday 16th December: Play-reading group

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