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April 2016 Newsletter

(April 15, 2016)


  • Abigail's Party preliminary meeting
  • Abigail's Party auditions
  • Play-reading group
  • CADS AGM minutes
  • Next committee meeting

Abigail's Party preliminary meeting
As you may know, this coming September CADS will be producing Abigail's Party for the Royston Arts Festival, directed by David and Louise Atkins.
There will be a get-together for interested parties on Monday, April 18th at 7.30pm in the Boar's Head, Royston. We will discuss what's involved in the production and may read through parts of the play.
There's lots to get involved with - acting, crew, tech, set build, design (set and costumes), front-of-house and much more, so do come along if you'd like to take part.

Abigail's Party auditions
Auditions for Abigail's Party will take place on April 28th from 7pm-9pm in the Drama Studio at Meridian School.
The performances will be on 22-24 September, so if you can make these and are interested in pushing your acting skills to the limit, come along and audition!

Play-reading group
Our next play-reading will take place on Wednesday May 11th as part of Royston's Voluntary Arts Week at the Boar's Head, Royston. Come along around 7.30-7.45pm, grab a drink or snack and be ready for an 8pm start. The evening usually lasts until about 10pm (with a break for refills) but on occasion may go on slightly longer.
We haven't chosen a play or confirmed a host yet, so if you'd like to make a suggestion and/or volunteer to host, please e-mail Michael Young by April 26th.

CADS AGM minutes
The CADS 2016 AGM took place on April 12th at the Meridian Pavilion. Minutes will be available on the Backstage area of our website by Monday, April 18th.

Next committee meeting
The next CADS committee meeting will take place on May 3rd. Please e-mail the CADS Secretary by May 2nd if you'd like anything raised.


  • 18th April:  Abigail's Party preliminary meeting
  • 28th April:  Abigail's Party auditions
  • 3rd May:  Next committee meeting 
  • 11th May:  Play-reading group (play & host TBC)

Next newsletter
To put information in the next newsletter, or if you would like something discussed at the next CADS committee meeting, please contact [email protected] or call Ian Cowley on 01763 244927.  Don’t forget, if you need to contact the group you can communicate via the CADS website at, or the Facebook group at, or tweet us @CADSROYSTON
Committee Members (current)
Peter Worthy (President), Ian Cowley (Chair) 01763 244927, Wendy Watts (Vice-Chair) 01763 245820, Rupert Jordan (Treasurer & Membership Secretary) 01763 262 885, Donika Jordan (Secretary) 01763 262885, Emma Shaw, Jill Buggey, Paula Davies, Sarah Smith.

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