AGM 2024

AGM 2024/Auditions

It's the time of year when we traditionally hold our Annual General Meeting - your chance to ask questions, make suggestions or comments, vote in the committee, or just come and listen to us spouting on about the previous twelve months. Oh, and you generally get a cup of tea or coffee, too! This year's AGM will take place at 7.00 on Monday 25 March in The Old Schoolhouse on Market Hill, Royston. Immediately after the business of the AGM itself, we'll be holding a combined read-through and audition for another of our planned radio plays - Sorry, Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher - see here for details.

This year, we're looking to fill several roles on the committee - Michael Young is standing down as Chair and Secretary (he's been filling both positions since the last AGM where no Chair was forthcoming) and Ruth Durrant has resigned as Vice Chair, so we really need people to step up to the plate for those particular posts. But we could also, like all voluntary groups, do with some fresh faces on the committee and would encourage you all to at least think about putting yourselves forward - the committee generally meets once a month in somebody's home and meetings begin at 7.00 or 7.30. If we don't spend too much time chatting, they're normally over by about 9.00.

Most of the actual work of the committee gets done by the officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) but we do rely on our "ordinary" members for their insight and their opinions on what we're doing, what we plan to do, and even what we should be doing instead! If you can spare an hour every month or so, do please let us know that you're interested.

2024 looks set to pose some serious challenges for the group (which you'll hear about at the meeting) so it's particularly important that we have a strong committee...

Just to remind you - anyone is welcome to attend the AGM but if anything gets put to a vote (including the appointment of committee members), then only fully paid-up members of CADS are eligible to vote. Nonetheless, we'd be delighted to see you there whether or not you're a member and everyone's voice will get a chance to be heard, so if you have any thoughts on the present or future of the group, do please join us...